Is there a big difference between your outdated thermostat and a modern “smart” alternative?  Yes.  A conventional thermostat is simply a control panel for your HVAC system.  A programmable thermostat allows you to set temperature based on the time of day.  A WiFi thermostat offers access and control over your indoor climate from just about anywhere, provides energy tracking, maintenance alerts, and can even adjust operation in response to ambient conditions such as humidity.  Contact Cool-O-Matic Inc. at 908-947-0601 for further information, recommendations customized to your specific lifestyle and household, and expert installation in Central New Jersey.

Enjoy the Convenience of a WiFi Thermostat Installation

We’ll help you determine the right option for your needs and make sure you take advantage of leading-edge technology, convenient features, easy-operation, and top quality products.  With installation of a WiFi thermostat, you’ll benefit from superior management of your HVAC system, get alerts in the event of a drastic temperature change, monitor outdoor climate, receive energy saving tips, and oversee indoor conditions for greater comfort, more reliable HVAC operation, and cost savings.  Whether you’re tucked into bed for the night, stuck at the office, or away on vacation, access to your HVAC system is never further away than a tap of your fingertip.  Let the professionals from Cool-O-Matic Inc. save you money, add convenience, and improve the enjoyment of your home with the installation of a modern thermostat.  We provide prompt and affordable service throughout Manville, Hillsborough, Somerset, Franklin Township, Bridgewater, Montgomery and surrounding areas.