sheet-metalThe master craftsmen from Cool-O-Matic Inc. handle sheet metal fabrication in our in-house shop, providing skilled workmanship on all manner of projects.  Because of our specialized services, we have no need to rely on outside contractors to assist with complex HVAC applications.  We oversee every facet of installation, ensuring top quality materials, meticulous design, and prompt completion.  By avoiding delays, careless errors, waste, and subpar materials, we save you from needless costs and protect your long-term satisfaction.  Family owned and serving our community since 1969, Cool-O-Matic Inc. is your reliable choice for sheet metal fabrication in Central New Jersey.

Cool-O-Matic Inc. provides custom duct systems, oven and equipment exhaust systems, and speciality metal fabrications.  Combining our experience with state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge equipment, we meet your deadlines, requirements and specifications, providing the precision that adds up to complete and lasting satisfaction.  With the flexibility to answer any challenge, Cool-O-Matic Inc. is your assurance of cost effective results.  

Contact Cool-O-Matic Inc. at phone, and take advantage of our commitment to quality, and proven track record for exceptional service throughout Manville, Hillsborough, Somerset, Franklin Township, Bridgewater, Montgomery and surrounding areas.